FIFTH SEASON MAGAZINE launches Ecological Art

About US

Since its inception in 1996 the portal Ecological Art
has dedicated its sites to the concept, exhibition
and implementation of complex ecological art
works (documentation, books, online exhibitions,
ecological art links) created by artists exploring
and discovering inter-relations among art, nature
and culture.

ECOARTNET/Fifth Season Magazine/Fall 2005  
was nominated for BEST OF THE WEB/Museums
and the WEB Awards 2006 and one year later, our
Fall 2006 Magazine invites online, on-air and  
mobile audiences to launch our...

Ecological Art REVIEW, VIDEO ART and TV

Which will index, exhibit and archive ecological art
videos, performance, TV installations, animation
and films among other digital New Media available
on-site and on-demand.

We will continue providing our ecological art artists
and friends a "home" where the questions and
answers are in perpetual motion, in our minds and
in our work.
© 2006 Fifth Season Magazine

Ecological Art REVIEW