Ecological Art Review
Letter from the Editor:

Welcome to Ecological Art REVIEW-
SPRING 2007 Issue: "Out of
the Blue"/2007 video-art haiku!
This SPRING issue closes the "seasons" series started last year- -
Summer 2006,  AUTUMN 2006 and WINTER 2007 issues which
included our Special Issue dedicated to Earth Day 2007!


Technological advances of the 21st. Century are opening new doors
to artists by enabling them to record experiences, and explore
ecological interconnections and processes through video-art and New
Media artworks. These REVIEW 2006-2007 issues are dedicated to
one of the most ancient and simple art forms:

"For their seeds were sown well over seven hundred years ago,
and it was in the seventeenth century that they blossomed into
full perfection...expressing or evoking real emotions".
From "An
Introduction to Haiku" by Harold G. Henderson, 1958

Form is, in itself, subordinate to the expression within it.  These
sketches of mine are not haiku in the true sense.  They are "like
Haiku"...Life is not a minted coin, heads and tails for anyone.  It is
a personal pastiche-nuances between sunrise and sunset, stormy
or serene, comic or sad.  It's all to be viewed in one's own
 From "like Haiku" by composer and songwriter Don
Raye, 1971
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